BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES SL, is an innovative company which develops and produces data recording and analysis systems for biological research and biomedical applications, providing both the researcher and the clinicians with a range of cost effective alternatives specially configured for the needs of our clients.

Today, many of the problems confronting health professionals and researches involve the design and practical application of medical devices and systems. However the methodology of obtaining and processing the data is becoming more complex than ever. Biomedical Technologies recognizes that not all professionals want to deal with these equipment issues. Therefore, it provides an alternative: integrated turnkey systems that have been customized for the clinicians and researcher's specific needs.

A great dealt of field work, and countless hours of technological research and development have already been invested. Our product lineup is increasing thanks to a fully dedicated in-house human resources team.

The Company is organized into the following Departments:
  • Management and administration
  • Production and quality control
  • Engineering laboratory:
    • Bioelectronic division
    • Software division
  • R&D department
  • Sales & Marketing
Biomedical Technologies also collaborates with National and International Technological Institutes as well as University R&D Departments and it is actively involved in European Projects.
Biomedical Technologies manufactures and distributes complete solutions based on our biosignal amplifying instruments, acquisition software tools and neurostimulators.   We also distribute complete Multichannel Neural Signal Acquisition Systems from Bionic Technologies Inc.

   Our mission is to help our customers. We offer our expertise in both analog and digital electronic design and software engineering. Biomedical Technologies aims to be the obvious co-operative partner for researches and clinicians in need of standard and custom biomedical devices.

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Biomedical Technologies SL
Isla de Sálvora 95
28400 Villalba (Madrid)
Telephone: +34 696 617 508
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